01-sustainability-actions-grecotel-larissa-imperial 01-sustainability-actions-grecotel-larissa-imperial


Grecotel Larissa Imperial recognizes the importance the protection of the environment plays, in the sustainable development of tourism.

Therefore, the resort implements Environmental Management System procedures in order to reduce, minimise and manage its environmental impact.

By developing Environmental Management procedures, the hotel defines all the environmental aspects of its operations and has established policies and programmes that aim to continuously improve its environmental performance and results. For this reason the Management is committed:
  • To comply with the law, rules and regulations related to the hotel activities and have an impact on the environment.
  • To evaluate the environmental implications of the hotel activities with the goal to minimize or eliminate any harmful effects.
  • To take any action needed in order to prevent any form of pollution that will affect the local natural residential environment and the quality of tourism services provided.
  • To aim for continuous improvement through setting new goals and continual research for improved environmental practices.
  • To work closely with local government, authorities and local community in order to integrate local perspectives into environmental protection decision making.

The hotel is awarded with Green Key

For more information view our Sustainability PoliciesHealth & Safety Policy
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